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11th Post

2010-04-12 21:40:15 by ryanap3

It has been nearly five days since I was last on to make a post, so I will now make one!

Last week, we had a finals-palooza at school...so many finals...almost all of the m ended up being on friday too, and only a few are graded right now. I HATE finals... :/

I also survived a weekend with my four cousins...the youngest one was the most crazy. He threw everything...and he didn't want to leave lol, at least one of them are nice to me. Maybe I can change him in the future to be on my side...against his three sisters! XD

The most exciting thing for me this weekend, is a huge fireworks show and air show! I am so excited! I am going to try to go to it, and it is going to be awesome. The theme this year for the fireworks is 'may increase your heart rate'. Sounds like a lot of fireworks to me, and I like fireworks! Here is what it looked like last year:

NOTE: I don't know if the HTML will work in a blog, so I put the link below too (the show is actually more like half an hour to an hour long, this link is a time-lapse of it.):


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4BTm16 1oxI

It is such a freaking awesome experience to see...you have no idea unless you have been there.

I also have a huge band concert this weekend (school band). We are entering as a class 2 (class 1 as the highest) and we have about 15 minutes worth of songs to play.

Well, thats my blog entery for today. :D

10th Post

2010-04-06 22:09:00 by ryanap3

Well, I am now on my tenth day of New Grounds. It doesn't seem like it has been that long...it kind of amazes me.

Not much happened today...the fire alarms were acting up at school because construction testing and stuff, but that was all that was different at school.

Well, this was my most boring and pointless post yet...lol (besides, I had to type it quickly because I have to go to bed for stupid school...)

9th Post

2010-04-05 21:33:16 by ryanap3

The first day of school is finally over this week...it was so unbelievably hot at school! The high today was 85...amazing how it got that high this early in the year. My schools air conditioning was acting up because of the construction going on and we were burning up all day long. The air conditioning controller in my last period today said that it was set to 50 degrees, and it felt like it felt outside.

Aside from that, I found out I have a Biology final exam on Wednesday, and three or four others on Friday. I HATE final exams! No teachers want to give them, they tell us all that. The school board is making them give finals, and it is taking up valuable teaching time. So we have to sit and review for a week when we could be learning something, it is kind of stupid to me. Teachers should have a choice if they want to give tests all the time or not. As long as they teach and we learn, they shouldn't have to give tests. Same thing goes with stupid binders...you have to keep EVERYTHING from the entire year and then give it to the teacher and it has to all be in order, yeah right, like thats going to happen with ANYONE. We have enough stuff to carry around at school to have to carry a binder with stuff we don't even need in it. My backpack is nearly 50 pounds, I'm not even joking, maybe even heavier, and my shoulders hurt every day. (I don't bother going to my locker because I don't want to risk being late every day and have to get detention or something.) My backpack is even ripping apart because of how heavy it is, it is quite ridiculous.

Then we will probably have homework later this week...blah, blah, blah, stupid homework. I always finish it at school, and if I don't, lets just say I turn into a completely different person and become very mad because my fun time at home is taken up (somehow I manage to keep A's, B's, and C's and am 29th class rank this way). Homework is NOT my cup o' tea, not at all. School and home are different, and it should always be this way.

Sorry about my long school rant, I just get tired of some of the current habits in public schools. To me, this is what a dream school system for the US would be like:

-We should have at least a 6 hour school day (and be able to add more if we so CHOOSE all the way up to 9 hours of school per day, not counting at home video chatting sessions). Each class being an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long (at school).

-We should go for 3 hours, get two hours off for free time, studying, lunch, and study hall, and then get another 3 hours after that.

-We should also have a choice between how many classes we want a day, and should also have the choice what time you want school to begin and end (night shifts and day shifts can be done with this).

-We should all be required Math, Science, English, one foreign language, and social studies with that being ALL we are required unless we WANT to have electives, but it is your choice. A days and B days would also be incorporated into this if you so choose to have your schedule this way.

-We should go for six months out of the year, and have six months of the year out, or in if we want extra classes over the break. You would also have the choice to have school on Saturday if you so choose.

-We should all have laptop computers and a communication device (cellphone, iPod, etc.) Only to be used if told you can use them by a teacher, and having them taken away from you if you misbehave with them for up to two months.

-We should all have drawing pads for the computers.

-We should all have E books instead of real ones.

-There should be full online video chatting sessions as well, that way you aren't required to go to the school building, and could also have after school sessions with teachers from home or anywhere else you choose.

I don't know about you, but for me this would be a much better way of doing school. You would have more of a say in things, students would probably pay more attention, school would be more fun and less rushing, and you wouldn't have a million pounds to carry with you. This dream of mine probably won't ever happen though... :(

Well, nice to know I wasted a whole blog post on school related topics...hopefully I pass my finals for this nine weeks...and then I have nine more weeks left of school...then I'm out for two months!

Entery 8

2010-04-04 20:58:23 by ryanap3

Well, easter was kind of a let down today...my four cousins that were supposed to come ended up having people come to their house and they never came. So it was just me, my sister, my parents, my one cousin, her mom, her boyfriend, my other cousin, his wife, my brother and my sister inlaw. Fun stuff, there was supposed to be more younger people than that...so all the eggs we painted ended up being hunted by just four people.

Now thats over and...school tomorrow. I HATE SCHOOL WITH A DEEP PASSION...ESPECIALLY FINALS WEEK >:( . That means allot of studying to do and allot of tests to do, most of which will be on one day, which is usually the very last day of the week...which is a TERRIBLE day for tests. The first and last days of the school week less people do good on tests mainly because either they didn't study on their time off or they are too excited about being out of school.

It was also great today how some money I got for easter happened to be in my pants pocket when it was being washed...so now I have to let that dry out. I really need to remember to take things out of my pocket...I also got headphones and candy. Not as much as usual, oh well.

We also went to church this morning, it wasn't as big of a deal as I expected at least, so thats a good thing. Usually when we don't go for a while (hey, give us a break, our church we belong to is over ten miles away from our house) it ends up being a big "oh you've grown up so much since the last time I saw you!" event. Thankfully, this time it wasn't, it was more of a "Hey, nice to see ya." thing. I like it that way better because it makes you not feel so bad about the whole thing. Of course, my mom didn't go to church...this is mainly because her fathers birthday was like three days ago and...well, he's dead. All of my grandparents are dead... It is kind of sad when people talk about their grandmas and grandpas, then you don't because they are dead. It has been like ten years since they all died.

This week my plans (online) are as follows:

-Update my daily blogs for websites
-Publish poems and books to writing sites for me and friends
-Write and finish a review for my ObsessedSimmer The Sims 3 World Adventures review
-Update ObsessedSimmer
-Finish and upload a song on NewGrounds
-Build houses on online games and The Sims

So I will be doing allot of typing and stuff on here. It is seeming to me that online is becoming more like a business for me lately...I have allot of things to do online now!

Well, thats my 8th blog post.

7th Entery

2010-04-03 23:50:47 by ryanap3

*I have officially been a member of New Grounds for a week!*

Today we went to see my cousins from Ohio and visited with my aunt for a while after we went to get easter clothes for Sunday and before we painted Easter eggs. Though, I was disappointed to leave so early from my aunts, I did have a lot of fun hanging out with my cousins there. Me and my youngest cousin built with his blocks, I am surprised how grown up he is now...I remember when he was born!

Me and the other three cousins and my sister went outside to explore my aunts yard, it was fun. We found all kinds of things out there. There was an old shed, a torn down trailer, fields, railroad tracks, and all kinds of stuff.

For my day tomorrow, I will be waking up at 8 am, sadly right now it is approaching 12 am...so I will probably be tired. We have to go to church (which starts at 10 am) and then come home, get ready for our easter get-together, and then have ALL our family show up at our house, and then get ready for another fun week of school the next day (oh joy...finals...) so, tomorrow will be quite busy.

Yup, that is what happened to me today, and what should happen to me tomorrow. It is now over 1 month until my birthday, I am excited! I WILL be buying some new video games!!! I will also be old enough to begin Drivers Education... :D My birthday is usually a chaotic mess when I join my friends and family together into one party...so I expect a fairly crazy one this year, though my most crazy friend probably won't be there.

6th Entery

2010-04-02 21:56:58 by ryanap3

Finally the weekend has come. I made it through yet another school week! I am planning on once again playing The Sims and possibly starting on a machinima (video game movie) on the game. Most likely if I do one it will be a music video. I will also be playing it for well... the fun of the game!

I just recently found out that our town is getting lots of money from the government, and will be building all kinds of cool things! I am so excited (one of these things include a skate park I think!) I am also a digital connector now, so we might just get to make live broadcasts (online) of all of this stuff opening up.

Well, not much to say about today actually. I am planning on painting easter eggs tomorrow and talking to my cousins from Ohio for the first time in months, so that should be fun. Anyway, happy good Friday to all of you who know what it is, and thanks for reading.

5th Entery

2010-04-01 20:32:15 by ryanap3

I enjoyed today after school had finally completed. I went to my first Digital Connectors meeting and learned how to use iWeb and create websites. It was very fun. The mayor of our town was there and everything. I can already tell I will love this new digital connectors group. Three of my friends are in it too so that makes it even more fun.

I am kind of disappointed in the new YouTube layout (the only thing I do actually like is that you can see almost all history on your videos). I guess I will have to get used to that though.

My story RECON: The Beginning is now over 6,500 words and counting. It is going very well.

As you can tell, there wasn't really much to say about today aside from me finally becoming a Digital Connector.<p>%u2248%u2248%u2248</p>

4th Entery

2010-03-31 17:52:02 by ryanap3

Today was really nothing special other than me trying to find a learners permit and finding out that it is more of a hassle than it needs to be. I went and got one from my guidance office and found out that I have to find the digital connectors leader adult sign a bunch of stuff on it. It turns out, I don't know who the heck it is.

So, I am going to the meeting on Thursday and will try to figure out there. I have my application filled out at least. I am still very excited about it. The digital connectors create websites, commercials, videos, and other advertising things for the town and also teach others how to use computers. Sounds fun to me, with me being a complete computer nerd. I also searched YouTube for some videos about digital connectors, it seems interesting to me.

I am also expected to publish some new poems on to a writing website that me and my friends are on. We are all in a group that writes a lot, I mean, we have over 60 things published online already. I am currently working on two epic novels: RECON: The Beginning and RECON. They are stories about heroes and villains (superpowers and all of that stuff) and it is a very cool series so far. Here, I will post the current summary for RECON: The Beginning...

Copywrite 2010, EDRC, Ryan

"Recon: The Begining is an adventurous novel about a 18-year-old (Ryan) and his two older sisters (Hope and Faith) who are given up by their mother in a time of war. Hope and Faith are put in an orphanage three years before Ryan becomes one, becuase their mother was attacked by their father (John) who had joined an Evil group of supernatural people by the name of Sector Thirteen. She placed them there for protection from their father. She had already known that they would have powers when they grew up and that they would become targets to join Sector Thirteen, and knew that this needed to be done. She moved to the state of New York and found a home, where she then had another child by the name of Ryan. She decided to keep him because her husband did not know that she would have him in the first place. She was wrong about doing this because after three years, her husband returned and tried to kill her again. As she is being killed, her two daughters (Hope and Faith) come to their location because Hope had decided to curiously follow a police car to the scene. They then discovered their mother was nearly murdered by their father, and they quickly jump into action and hurt their father for what he had done. Afterall, their mother had promiced she would see them again in time. They grabbed the baby (Ryan, who was only 3 at the time) and took him to the orphanage they had been living at because their mother had told them to. Their mother somehow lived, and joined back with a new group called RECON, and did not tell the children about it. Fifteen years pass, and the story begins...."

Yes, I know, I do seem to be obsessed with myself here (making my name the main characters). I am not 18 though, I am trying to make him a bit cooler and older than me and to help set the scene for the story. So far it is going well. I created this story a long time ago, but never decided to write it until now. I had always just imagined it since I was like 7. In this story though you can probably see the influence of xmen and other movies due to the war between RECON and Sector 13.

Anyway, aside from that, I am just trying to get through this wonderful school week and then see my cousins over the weekend (who will probably all 4 want to spend the night with us at our house).

Well, thats my 4th blog entery. Thanks for reading if you did.

3rd entery

2010-03-30 17:48:28 by ryanap3

Well, today I figured out that I may just get to be a HUGE computer nerd this summer, I am talking about a summer computer job! See, me and my friend Sirkoto51 are wanting to join a thing for school called "Digital Connectors" (people who help local businesses try to advertise and things). Anyway, I was told that you have to have a workers permit (which means...I WILL GET PAID!)

Luckily, I am the exact age I have to be to get one! So, me and my friend get to help advertise businesses and do fun computer related things over the summer!

We also might get free HD digital cameras (my other friend "Dako" who might have a newgrounds account by now showed us his). This sounds very fun and exciting to me, especially the free camera part. Not only that, but we also get our school issued laptops before anyone else in our school does. This sounds awesome to me, I get to show off!

Tomorrow I am going to get a workers permit and talk to a few teachers who are part of the group about it and I will officially become a member. We will turn in the applications and officially be members on Thursday. I LOVE school this year, these new laptops are awesome for our school and community! You have no idea how unbelievably fast I get my homework done with these things compared to how I used to when I wrote everything.

So, aside from that, I am excited about Easter coming up on Sunday. We get to paint geeky little easter eggs (probably around...40 of them, and so will the rest of our family, we have a HUGE family and we need lots of eggs).

That was my life for today...thanks for reading yet another one of my blog entries. Here's the logo for the group I will end up working for once I get all of these permits and applications filled out.

3rd entery

2nd blog post

2010-03-29 15:58:50 by ryanap3

Well, here's my second blog post. Just a side note, I write these things for no apparent reason, I just write them because I feel like it I guess, if you don't care it doesn't really matter.

Anyway...yesterday I was writing a song on the computer and...boom, the composition software crashes and it tells me to close because it isn't responding (good ol' vista and its problems...I am hoping to download windows 7 soon) . I had fixed several rests and things before this had happened and apparently forgot to save. So, now I must redo all the fixes again and it will probably end up sounding different than it originally did. Sometimes that is good, sometimes its not.

Today I returned to a glorious day of school... (I'm being sarcastic by the way). At least it wasn't too hard for the first day back. Though, I did discover that we are supposed to be having an endurance run in gym sometime this week. The last time I did an endurance run in gym (it might have been a coincidence) I ended up getting asthmatic bronchitis (a lung sickness where it is super hard to breathe and catch your breath for days at a time and if not treated becomes pneumonia). I had to go to an immediate care a few days afterward and they had me and my family scared when the doctors started rushing into the room. (To be honest, I blame all of this on my parents smoking ruining my lungs).

I also discovered that all 6 of my second cousins from somewhere in Ohio are planning on visiting this coming week, and most are staying for the entire week. So, that should be a fun thing, 6 kids to bug me lol.

Well, that is my fun blog for today. So, thanks for reading if you actually bothered to!