2nd blog post

2010-03-29 15:58:50 by ryanap3

Well, here's my second blog post. Just a side note, I write these things for no apparent reason, I just write them because I feel like it I guess, if you don't care it doesn't really matter.

Anyway...yesterday I was writing a song on the computer and...boom, the composition software crashes and it tells me to close because it isn't responding (good ol' vista and its problems...I am hoping to download windows 7 soon) . I had fixed several rests and things before this had happened and apparently forgot to save. So, now I must redo all the fixes again and it will probably end up sounding different than it originally did. Sometimes that is good, sometimes its not.

Today I returned to a glorious day of school... (I'm being sarcastic by the way). At least it wasn't too hard for the first day back. Though, I did discover that we are supposed to be having an endurance run in gym sometime this week. The last time I did an endurance run in gym (it might have been a coincidence) I ended up getting asthmatic bronchitis (a lung sickness where it is super hard to breathe and catch your breath for days at a time and if not treated becomes pneumonia). I had to go to an immediate care a few days afterward and they had me and my family scared when the doctors started rushing into the room. (To be honest, I blame all of this on my parents smoking ruining my lungs).

I also discovered that all 6 of my second cousins from somewhere in Ohio are planning on visiting this coming week, and most are staying for the entire week. So, that should be a fun thing, 6 kids to bug me lol.

Well, that is my fun blog for today. So, thanks for reading if you actually bothered to!


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