3rd entery

2010-03-30 17:48:28 by ryanap3

Well, today I figured out that I may just get to be a HUGE computer nerd this summer, I am talking about a summer computer job! See, me and my friend Sirkoto51 are wanting to join a thing for school called "Digital Connectors" (people who help local businesses try to advertise and things). Anyway, I was told that you have to have a workers permit (which means...I WILL GET PAID!)

Luckily, I am the exact age I have to be to get one! So, me and my friend get to help advertise businesses and do fun computer related things over the summer!

We also might get free HD digital cameras (my other friend "Dako" who might have a newgrounds account by now showed us his). This sounds very fun and exciting to me, especially the free camera part. Not only that, but we also get our school issued laptops before anyone else in our school does. This sounds awesome to me, I get to show off!

Tomorrow I am going to get a workers permit and talk to a few teachers who are part of the group about it and I will officially become a member. We will turn in the applications and officially be members on Thursday. I LOVE school this year, these new laptops are awesome for our school and community! You have no idea how unbelievably fast I get my homework done with these things compared to how I used to when I wrote everything.

So, aside from that, I am excited about Easter coming up on Sunday. We get to paint geeky little easter eggs (probably around...40 of them, and so will the rest of our family, we have a HUGE family and we need lots of eggs).

That was my life for today...thanks for reading yet another one of my blog entries. Here's the logo for the group I will end up working for once I get all of these permits and applications filled out.

3rd entery


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