4th Entery

2010-03-31 17:52:02 by ryanap3

Today was really nothing special other than me trying to find a learners permit and finding out that it is more of a hassle than it needs to be. I went and got one from my guidance office and found out that I have to find the digital connectors leader adult sign a bunch of stuff on it. It turns out, I don't know who the heck it is.

So, I am going to the meeting on Thursday and will try to figure out there. I have my application filled out at least. I am still very excited about it. The digital connectors create websites, commercials, videos, and other advertising things for the town and also teach others how to use computers. Sounds fun to me, with me being a complete computer nerd. I also searched YouTube for some videos about digital connectors, it seems interesting to me.

I am also expected to publish some new poems on to a writing website that me and my friends are on. We are all in a group that writes a lot, I mean, we have over 60 things published online already. I am currently working on two epic novels: RECON: The Beginning and RECON. They are stories about heroes and villains (superpowers and all of that stuff) and it is a very cool series so far. Here, I will post the current summary for RECON: The Beginning...

Copywrite 2010, EDRC, Ryan

"Recon: The Begining is an adventurous novel about a 18-year-old (Ryan) and his two older sisters (Hope and Faith) who are given up by their mother in a time of war. Hope and Faith are put in an orphanage three years before Ryan becomes one, becuase their mother was attacked by their father (John) who had joined an Evil group of supernatural people by the name of Sector Thirteen. She placed them there for protection from their father. She had already known that they would have powers when they grew up and that they would become targets to join Sector Thirteen, and knew that this needed to be done. She moved to the state of New York and found a home, where she then had another child by the name of Ryan. She decided to keep him because her husband did not know that she would have him in the first place. She was wrong about doing this because after three years, her husband returned and tried to kill her again. As she is being killed, her two daughters (Hope and Faith) come to their location because Hope had decided to curiously follow a police car to the scene. They then discovered their mother was nearly murdered by their father, and they quickly jump into action and hurt their father for what he had done. Afterall, their mother had promiced she would see them again in time. They grabbed the baby (Ryan, who was only 3 at the time) and took him to the orphanage they had been living at because their mother had told them to. Their mother somehow lived, and joined back with a new group called RECON, and did not tell the children about it. Fifteen years pass, and the story begins...."

Yes, I know, I do seem to be obsessed with myself here (making my name the main characters). I am not 18 though, I am trying to make him a bit cooler and older than me and to help set the scene for the story. So far it is going well. I created this story a long time ago, but never decided to write it until now. I had always just imagined it since I was like 7. In this story though you can probably see the influence of xmen and other movies due to the war between RECON and Sector 13.

Anyway, aside from that, I am just trying to get through this wonderful school week and then see my cousins over the weekend (who will probably all 4 want to spend the night with us at our house).

Well, thats my 4th blog entery. Thanks for reading if you did.


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I'm sorry I did not read. (No offense Though)