5th Entery

2010-04-01 20:32:15 by ryanap3

I enjoyed today after school had finally completed. I went to my first Digital Connectors meeting and learned how to use iWeb and create websites. It was very fun. The mayor of our town was there and everything. I can already tell I will love this new digital connectors group. Three of my friends are in it too so that makes it even more fun.

I am kind of disappointed in the new YouTube layout (the only thing I do actually like is that you can see almost all history on your videos). I guess I will have to get used to that though.

My story RECON: The Beginning is now over 6,500 words and counting. It is going very well.

As you can tell, there wasn't really much to say about today aside from me finally becoming a Digital Connector.<p>%u2248%u2248%u2248</p>


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2010-06-21 09:49:27

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