6th Entery

2010-04-02 21:56:58 by ryanap3

Finally the weekend has come. I made it through yet another school week! I am planning on once again playing The Sims and possibly starting on a machinima (video game movie) on the game. Most likely if I do one it will be a music video. I will also be playing it for well... the fun of the game!

I just recently found out that our town is getting lots of money from the government, and will be building all kinds of cool things! I am so excited (one of these things include a skate park I think!) I am also a digital connector now, so we might just get to make live broadcasts (online) of all of this stuff opening up.

Well, not much to say about today actually. I am planning on painting easter eggs tomorrow and talking to my cousins from Ohio for the first time in months, so that should be fun. Anyway, happy good Friday to all of you who know what it is, and thanks for reading.


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