7th Entery

2010-04-03 23:50:47 by ryanap3

*I have officially been a member of New Grounds for a week!*

Today we went to see my cousins from Ohio and visited with my aunt for a while after we went to get easter clothes for Sunday and before we painted Easter eggs. Though, I was disappointed to leave so early from my aunts, I did have a lot of fun hanging out with my cousins there. Me and my youngest cousin built with his blocks, I am surprised how grown up he is now...I remember when he was born!

Me and the other three cousins and my sister went outside to explore my aunts yard, it was fun. We found all kinds of things out there. There was an old shed, a torn down trailer, fields, railroad tracks, and all kinds of stuff.

For my day tomorrow, I will be waking up at 8 am, sadly right now it is approaching 12 am...so I will probably be tired. We have to go to church (which starts at 10 am) and then come home, get ready for our easter get-together, and then have ALL our family show up at our house, and then get ready for another fun week of school the next day (oh joy...finals...) so, tomorrow will be quite busy.

Yup, that is what happened to me today, and what should happen to me tomorrow. It is now over 1 month until my birthday, I am excited! I WILL be buying some new video games!!! I will also be old enough to begin Drivers Education... :D My birthday is usually a chaotic mess when I join my friends and family together into one party...so I expect a fairly crazy one this year, though my most crazy friend probably won't be there.


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