Entery 8

2010-04-04 20:58:23 by ryanap3

Well, easter was kind of a let down today...my four cousins that were supposed to come ended up having people come to their house and they never came. So it was just me, my sister, my parents, my one cousin, her mom, her boyfriend, my other cousin, his wife, my brother and my sister inlaw. Fun stuff, there was supposed to be more younger people than that...so all the eggs we painted ended up being hunted by just four people.

Now thats over and...school tomorrow. I HATE SCHOOL WITH A DEEP PASSION...ESPECIALLY FINALS WEEK >:( . That means allot of studying to do and allot of tests to do, most of which will be on one day, which is usually the very last day of the week...which is a TERRIBLE day for tests. The first and last days of the school week less people do good on tests mainly because either they didn't study on their time off or they are too excited about being out of school.

It was also great today how some money I got for easter happened to be in my pants pocket when it was being washed...so now I have to let that dry out. I really need to remember to take things out of my pocket...I also got headphones and candy. Not as much as usual, oh well.

We also went to church this morning, it wasn't as big of a deal as I expected at least, so thats a good thing. Usually when we don't go for a while (hey, give us a break, our church we belong to is over ten miles away from our house) it ends up being a big "oh you've grown up so much since the last time I saw you!" event. Thankfully, this time it wasn't, it was more of a "Hey, nice to see ya." thing. I like it that way better because it makes you not feel so bad about the whole thing. Of course, my mom didn't go to church...this is mainly because her fathers birthday was like three days ago and...well, he's dead. All of my grandparents are dead... It is kind of sad when people talk about their grandmas and grandpas, then you don't because they are dead. It has been like ten years since they all died.

This week my plans (online) are as follows:

-Update my daily blogs for websites
-Publish poems and books to writing sites for me and friends
-Write and finish a review for my ObsessedSimmer The Sims 3 World Adventures review
-Update ObsessedSimmer
-Finish and upload a song on NewGrounds
-Build houses on online games and The Sims

So I will be doing allot of typing and stuff on here. It is seeming to me that online is becoming more like a business for me lately...I have allot of things to do online now!

Well, thats my 8th blog post.


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