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2010-04-05 21:33:16 by ryanap3

The first day of school is finally over this week...it was so unbelievably hot at school! The high today was 85...amazing how it got that high this early in the year. My schools air conditioning was acting up because of the construction going on and we were burning up all day long. The air conditioning controller in my last period today said that it was set to 50 degrees, and it felt like it felt outside.

Aside from that, I found out I have a Biology final exam on Wednesday, and three or four others on Friday. I HATE final exams! No teachers want to give them, they tell us all that. The school board is making them give finals, and it is taking up valuable teaching time. So we have to sit and review for a week when we could be learning something, it is kind of stupid to me. Teachers should have a choice if they want to give tests all the time or not. As long as they teach and we learn, they shouldn't have to give tests. Same thing goes with stupid binders...you have to keep EVERYTHING from the entire year and then give it to the teacher and it has to all be in order, yeah right, like thats going to happen with ANYONE. We have enough stuff to carry around at school to have to carry a binder with stuff we don't even need in it. My backpack is nearly 50 pounds, I'm not even joking, maybe even heavier, and my shoulders hurt every day. (I don't bother going to my locker because I don't want to risk being late every day and have to get detention or something.) My backpack is even ripping apart because of how heavy it is, it is quite ridiculous.

Then we will probably have homework later this week...blah, blah, blah, stupid homework. I always finish it at school, and if I don't, lets just say I turn into a completely different person and become very mad because my fun time at home is taken up (somehow I manage to keep A's, B's, and C's and am 29th class rank this way). Homework is NOT my cup o' tea, not at all. School and home are different, and it should always be this way.

Sorry about my long school rant, I just get tired of some of the current habits in public schools. To me, this is what a dream school system for the US would be like:

-We should have at least a 6 hour school day (and be able to add more if we so CHOOSE all the way up to 9 hours of school per day, not counting at home video chatting sessions). Each class being an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes long (at school).

-We should go for 3 hours, get two hours off for free time, studying, lunch, and study hall, and then get another 3 hours after that.

-We should also have a choice between how many classes we want a day, and should also have the choice what time you want school to begin and end (night shifts and day shifts can be done with this).

-We should all be required Math, Science, English, one foreign language, and social studies with that being ALL we are required unless we WANT to have electives, but it is your choice. A days and B days would also be incorporated into this if you so choose to have your schedule this way.

-We should go for six months out of the year, and have six months of the year out, or in if we want extra classes over the break. You would also have the choice to have school on Saturday if you so choose.

-We should all have laptop computers and a communication device (cellphone, iPod, etc.) Only to be used if told you can use them by a teacher, and having them taken away from you if you misbehave with them for up to two months.

-We should all have drawing pads for the computers.

-We should all have E books instead of real ones.

-There should be full online video chatting sessions as well, that way you aren't required to go to the school building, and could also have after school sessions with teachers from home or anywhere else you choose.

I don't know about you, but for me this would be a much better way of doing school. You would have more of a say in things, students would probably pay more attention, school would be more fun and less rushing, and you wouldn't have a million pounds to carry with you. This dream of mine probably won't ever happen though... :(

Well, nice to know I wasted a whole blog post on school related topics...hopefully I pass my finals for this nine weeks...and then I have nine more weeks left of school...then I'm out for two months!


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