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2010-03-28 16:55:23 by ryanap3

Hello, my name is Ryan. I just created a newgrounds account because my friend SirKoto51 had one, and I thought it was a pretty cool community. There are lots of things to share on this site. Okay, I guess I should tell something about me.

For one, my favorite game of ALL TIME is The Sims (all of the games). I play The Sims all the time, and love to create things on the game. I build houses, Sims, and many other things.

I also like to write, as you can tell from this Blog Post. I write a bunch of things, though I am not the biggest die-hard reader there is. I only read when something entertains me or if I am interested in it. I am not into school reading, lets just say that. You are forced to read while at school, and most of the time books that you do not enjoy.

I am a perfectionist. If something isn't perfect, I will complain about it. That is how I am with every day life. The only thing being a perfectionist is good for is in your work. You will always spot any minor details, but it will always seem like the work isn't how you had planned, so it is hard to figure out when to show it to someone.

I am sort of shy, and sometimes will talk a lot. It just depends.

My favorite color...blue, amazing right?

I like to write music as well. I will sit on my computer for the longest time trying to create a song. I come up with it in my head the majority of the time. Let me put it this way, I can play a symphony on the piano I made up without even knowing how to play piano. The only instrument I know how to play is trumpet.

I am NOT into sports. If there is a sport, I am the one you will probably be seeing sleeping through most of the game. I also can't play sports. I am not the most athletic person in the world. I am tall though, and that makes people think I might be. I am not. I am probably the...computer nerd. I can type 70+ words a minute, and that helps me to write long things such as what I am writing right now in short amount of times with little pain or thinking to it.

Well, I think that is a long enough description about me right? That should have answered most or all of the questions about me you were wondering. Thanks for reading! I am also including a picture from a house I built on The Sims 2.